Just in time for 2014 - A for Amiga is finally Released! - 7 Track EP - for digital DL though Bleep Street

After many months of work this project is out in the wild :-)

This EP is a collection of Amiga power synth tunes for your summer / winter dancin' and headphone nodding times!! For the geeks: the tunes here were created in the MOD format for unexpaded Amiga 500 then mixed & engineered in the analogue domain from 2" tape.

Thank you to all the people (inc Bleep Street!) who convinced me to record these tracks and supporteded the project. Here's the full list of credits which was too much for bandcamp :-P


1 / Reach for the Stars (Breakout)
2 / Tumble Run
3 / Future Blue
4 / Basewalk
5 / Light N0va
6 / Final Flight
7 / DX Heaven


All tracks by cTrix 2010 - 2013
Mixed by: Markus Ingram & cTrix
Studio: Sunshine Recorder
Mix session Tech: Lee Cardan
Album artwork by Mirco Monsees

Released via Bleep Street, Berlin.

Special thanks to: Soundbytes Crew, Blip Crew, Chiptography, Derris Kharlan, An0va, Scotty Lewis, Radlib, Saga Musix, RC55 ,mOd, Aurora Jane, Lee Cardan, Saska, David Guild and all the amazing and inspirational people of the global chip and demoscene!
Aussie greets to Syntax Party Crew, Disaster Area, Defame, Onslaught, mudlord, TTT, chrome (.au), Youth Uprising & 68Krue.

Samples from the original sample tracker floppies ST-01 to 06, one or two sounds from old Skaven / Lemon / Virt modules. Additional samples recorded by cTrix from the DX7, MC202, DDR30, Prophet 600 andEnsoniq EPS. Produced in the Protracker 4ch MOD format. 60kb - 400kb.

A Video about the mixing session:

More links to articles, etc:

Vandalism News #60 - Contains cTrix Interview [ link CSDB ]
Don't have a C64?! Here is an excerpt as an online version.

Links to other media, etc, coming soon.

More info is kicking around Facebook page also

I use Facebook for ease of communion. You can visit and "like" (lol) THIS FACEBOOK PAGE for announcements and updates.

The above USB is only available at shows and contains a ton of old cTrix backlog. That's about 7 hours of music and a whole load of video plus software, tutorials and virtual disk files! Did I mention SAV files for LSDJ?!

A very limited edition cassette of Chill electronic tracks (Side A, some chip) and Amiga party (Side B) was also floating around but now
gone !!


Like many, I had all my tunes on 8bc and it went down like the Titanic. This is what is left on the web at the mo:

cTrix Live at Blip Festival 2011, NYC :: 30 min 2011 Live at Blip (Amiga and Atari 2600)
cTrix Interview and Live show on RRR Radio , Melbourne, AU :: 25 min 2009 Live Performance (Gameboy DMG)
cTrix Live at Synchronicity Party #10, Ballarat, AU :: 58 min 2008 Live recording (2 x Amiga 500)
cTrix : Gameboy : Madison 59 :: 9min 2009 Original Track (Gameboy + DM)
cTrix as part of the Daft Punk "DA CHIP 2" Compilation :: 6min 2012 Cover Track for comp (Twin Gameboy)

(More tracks to come!)


The GATARI video

Went semi-viral in Jan 2012. This was live in Japan @ Blip Tokyo 2011

Commodore Amiga remix of a popular Aussie tune...

Live at Soundbytes 5, Australia, 2010


Source is a 4ch 380kb MOD File.
Commodore Amiga remix of a swing classic (In The Mood by G Miller)

Live at Soundbytes 5, Australia, 2010


Protracker MOD, 320kb
Bitshifter cover on Amiga 500

Explanation and demo of how my Atari 2600 conversion software works

Not totally chip related, but I sometimes also make tunes like this one for fun :-)

Europe Tour
Travel Video Blog 2012

Please note: these mini episodes are still in the making! This is the plan, but the topics might not be covered as listed here.

I'll put some vids up as I go.

dmg Extended LSDJ Guide...
Making music with a Gameboy

I originally made this for friends but people asked if I could upload it.

- Basic sequencing
- Programming basic instruments
- Wave channel kicks
- Expressive noise percussion
shows the buttons!



Quick FAQ!!

Will you add more tunes and stuff to this website?

YES! I do lots of stuff - like help run music workshops and have made video tutorials / written guides. I've also coded software and made patches for tools. At some point I'll pull them all together, fix some mistakes and put them here! I have also written a handy Protracker guide (which needs updatiing). You can find it here.

More info coming soon... it will be on this page with other stuff.

(cc) cTrix 2012