Music for SNES

For the last year or so I’ve been cranking out tunes on the (limiting but fun) Super Nintendo.

My demoscene buddy Ferris  (coder / lead-dev) and myself (tester / breaker / pleb-dev) are working on a SNES music tool that outputs cartridge ready binary ROM images.  The end game (ideally) is that it runs a live mode for you to perform pre-written tracks with.  But y’ know… these things are easy to announce – making stable and working tools takes time.  We’ve been plucking away at  it for a year, and it’ll probably take another  to get it super stable.

The music tool runs on a PC.  (and mac / linux eventually)   –  The ROM this tool generates plays on a real SNES.

So far it’s working, but there are still milestones to reach before we can release a public beta.  The project should  get finished one of these days… start of 2016 maybe?  So hang in there and start collecting short samples 🙂

You can show Ferris some love by supporting his music  🙂

[su_box title=”Current / Planned Features” style=”glass” box_color=”#4a3d49″ radius=”4″]- All 8 Channels + access to noise gen (working)
– Full ADSR control with INS import from SPC (working)
– Realistic emulated preview: WYHIWYG (working)
– Visual DSP Programmer for custom efx (in dev)
– Standard interface with copy + paste + transpose features (in dev)
– ONE CLICK “compile ROM” from file menu for fast play (works, with a few issues)
– Pattern optimization / compression in play routine (working)
– Live mode interface with on-the-fly sequencer / part muting (interface built)
– Advanced ROM compiler for making live mode (partially working)
(last updated Aug 2015)[/su_box]


Here are some tests / SNES demos!

[su_youtube url=”” width=”700″]

[su_youtube url=”″ width=”700″]

1 Ferris + cTrix ^ ELIX
(At @party demoparty 2010.  Nuskool & Oldskool 1st places)