Music for Gameboy

The Gameboy DMG-01 was a “pocket” gaming console which dominated the late 80’s / early 90’s console scene.  It has a super fun and simple audio system which can be pushed to make many amazing sounds!!  (probably more than Nintendo imagined in the 80’s)

Fast-forward to the mid 2000’s and LSDJ (custom software / cart) was created : a super optimal 8-bit synth / sequencer program which runs natively on the Gameboy.  There is even some memory for lofi 4-bit samples, super fast arpeggios and crazy modulating synth patches.  It’s a party-rocking handheld performance tool!

Radio Interview from ages ago

LSDJ Beginers guide (including kick drum patch)

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Live in Tokyo
 in some bunker-style club

😮  Holy shizzle…. I just did a YouTube search on mylself and found someone filmed an entire show I played in Tokyo featuring a ton of unreleased stuff before my main cart died!!  (which I’ve since mostly recovered)  Sound is raw, but if you want to see an LSDJ show with a single gameboy in live mode – complete with mistakes – then this is it!

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