Straight up – 2015 will see at least two releases! Here’s what is out there previously (mostly physical releases)


 release-a4amiga A for Amiga (EP) – Available Now
Released 2014 on Bleep StreetDetails at: BANDCAMP  (iTunes also)
Watch behind the scenes video.
Or read article about release.
 cTri_USB2 cTrix – USB Bottle Opener (2012 / 2013 / 2015)
Up to revision 4.  Available at shows only!
This USB contains over 5 hours of backlogged music including early experiments and much of the old 8bc content not available elsewhere.  And videos.  And source files!  And guides!  And lots of bonus stuff.
 tape EU Tour Cassette 2012
No Longer Available
Side A:  Collection of Seapunk, electronica and house tunes (non chip).
Side B: Amiga Party tracks, some of which are unreleased to this day!
 cTrix Original USB  The Original cTrix USB (2011)
Rare as hens teeth.  I think I did 50 of these?

The new version is mostly the same with a ton more tunes and videos on it.  However, there are a few things that are unique to this version 😉


A for Amiga : Behind the Scenes

[su_vimeo url=”″ width=”700″]

Various tracks ‘n’ previews (although more to come) on the cTrix Soundcloud.

More releases are to follow in 2015 following the recovery of a lost LSDJ Gameboy cart 🙂

A new show is currently being written for touring in 2015.

An Amiga techno release is also imminent… and there will be an exciting announcement from Bleep Street later in the year.  It’s all happening!