Bookings & Press

Please contact cTrix on the facebook page for now.  Thanks!

Show Types / Styles

8-bit Chip Party Time (Show with banter)

Gameboys!  SNES!  Amiga!  Sega!  Let me know the event and it’s context and I’ll pull a set together to match.  This will span a number of styles and is for a more open minded fun loving crowd who also enjoy a boogie.  Also let me know if you want visuals as that can easily be organised.

Set examples:  Blip Festivals (AU / JP / USA),  Spike Hill (NYC),  PAX (AU),  Square Sounds (AU / JP),  AVCON (Ade)


Amiga / Oldskool House (Live continuous Set)

More serious dance times to a huge variety of tunes.  Legit oldskool house, acidtek, drum’n’bass, rave and breaks all with a lofi-groove.  Pretty accessible with lots of cheeky samples and drops.  I generally go with the energy of the room and try and align more with the other performances around me.  While I might drop in an 8-bit track off a Gameboy or Sega – it’ll be way more accessible for a club / average croud.  The tunes won’t stop!  The feedback I get from random punters who can’t figure out is almost always positive, if a little amusing.

Set examples: CALH (NZ), Loop Bar (Melb), Hard Kandy (Melb), Fringe Festival (Melb / Ade), Analog Attack (London), Evoke (Germany)


Gatari + conceptual

Yes, I still have the gAtari (most asked question!)  It’s an amusing and party rockin’ thing that is fun to watch but it is not the easiest device to get going.  I can travel with it and bust out the original tunes I released on the Youtube, but usually keep it for decently paid shows and where there is an engineer / soundcheck present.

It’s buggy – and occasionally doesn’t work!  But that’s all part of the fun.  See the gAtari description for more info.

Set Examples: PAX Australia, Blip Festival NYC and Japan, Square Sounds Australia, Eindbaas in the Netherlands and launch in Mexico City.


Music for Games / Films / Oculus Rift

Yup!  Have created music for various projects over the years from games to films & documentaries.  Also create & mix sound for broadcast.

More info at (coming soon)


Deep House / House / Non chip

Work in progress side project.  Will eventually fall under a different alias – feedback has been great so far and my bootlegs have played in front of 5000+ people 😉  Stay tuned for this one!!


Square Tony and the Arps (Band)

Originally a concept band of 4 predominant Melbourne chip musicians re-arranging 8bit music on instruments.  We are Derris Kharlan (guitars / keys), Tiasu (drums), pselodux (guitars), cTrix (guitars /keys) and Aday (visuals).

The result is a combination of 80’s instrumental rock, disco prog and a touch of metal.  Huge variation in styles and a fun show filled with visuals and croud interaction.  Our greatest praise was from a fellow metal rocker at Dark Mofo: “you guys are kinda dags, but f**k I enjoyed that set so much” … he then proceeded to buy us a jug of beer to show his appreciation.

Shows we have played include Dark Mofo (Tasmania) and Square Sounds (Melb).


Play my launch party? / event? / wedding?!

Uhhh, sure!  Actually I’ve had great fun doing shows like this in the past but can only play my own tunes as I’m not a DJ!  It works best when most of the crowd “get it” and understand what I’m doing rather than random drunks wanting top 40.  I generally don’t play low-key shows that often, but if the vibe feels right then it can certainly happen.

I also own an 800w PA system, wireless mics, a couple of DI’s and a mixer.  So for Victorians I can bring that along and mix / record speeches or other small acts.  All gear is electrically tagged to Aussie safety standards, etc.

For launches /events I generally like to understand the background and context of how I’ll fit in.  This shapes what I will play.  I also request some standard equipment to make my life easier & ensure a smooth show.  Events I’ve played include Freeplay, PAX Australia, AVCON, Blip Festival (NYC), Square Sounds Japan, Evoke (DK), Dark Mofo (Tas), Fringe Festival, Eindbaas (NL) and Super Byte (UK).


Can you DJ  tunes?

Not really.  I use my consoles and retro computers to play from.  The tunes are original or my own remixes. That’s the point!

But look, I also have an extensive record collection of  funk, 80’s house, synthwave, UK hard house and 90’s hiphop.  Give me two turntables and a mixer and I’ll happily play a set of songs that no one in the room will know!  I’ll have a great time for hours on end and as a bonus will finish up by playing a 22 minute progressive rock track while pointing out my favorite passages.  True story!!  (This is why I’m not a DJ)  That said, this might be what you are after.

Gigs: Derris Khalan’s birthday x 3, Kate’s birthday x 4, dot.ay’s birthday, Genre Cult parties.