MIDI Dad Golf Champion Ringtone Pack

In celebration of multiple games of the Dad Golf Champion EGA-Mode lockdown challenge (on Twitch.Tv)  we’ve released a ringtone pack for your… uhh.. enjoyment?!  Hehehe.  Our amusement anyone (if anyone is crazy enough to set these as tones!)


** Limited edition : available for 14 days after stream tee off only!

By request, we also have the theme song…. in case you want it on your head for the next 2 weeks!!


Confused?  This whole thing is a Twitch stream on cTrix64 channel that we’ve been running for fun during lockdowns in 2021.  It’s 12 players head to head (picked via twitch) playing the oldest DAD computer game in the book (well almost), LEADERBOARD GOLF fof 286 / MSDOS.  The promo explains it.


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