Update 2022

Random Tunes for listening:  A bunch of Weekly Beats tunes (please do not reupload anywhere)

My weekly beats 2012 https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2012
My weekly beats 2014 https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2014
My weekly beats 2016 https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2016
My weekly beats 2018 https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2018
Only did 2 beats in 2020 https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2020
2022 even lesser effort: https://weeklybeats.com/ctrix?y=2022

To be honest, 2020/21 took a bit of a toll (lots of moving, unpacking and repacking boxes) and I haven’t quite got back into touring or releasing music as planned.  There’s about 120 unreleased tunes sitting on about 15 pieces of hardware due to be recorded (or in the process of being).  There will be a huge Bandcamp drop at some point, hopefully before the end of ’22! (Although I say that every year!)

I’ve mostly moved to the M8 for music production in recent times.

Although I’m also exploring PC Engine, Neo Geo and Sega Saturn which are all very fun engineering wise.

As always, keep an eye on youtube.com/debuglive  where I will try and finish some vids that are in progress.  A few good ideas coming up!  Take care, thanks to all who have sent well wishes, etc.

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